Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Apple of my IPad.

Today Apple unveiled the IPad tablet.


THIS is my kind of supermodel. Sleek, thin, smart, and oh so fast. (FYI, I'm referring to the tablet, not Steve.)

Many believe the IPad represents the future of technology, the link between the smartphone and the laptop.
It weighs 1.5 lbs, measures 1/2 inch thick and has a 9.7 inch display. It can be used for web browsing, email, photos, music, e-books, among other tasks. (Au revoir le Kindle?)

It's powered by the A4 chip which was designed by Apple to thwart off competitors.

Unfortunately, like a supermodel, the IPad might be out of reach with prices ranging from $499-849.

Thus, just as I gaze upon the beauty that is Gabriel Aubry from afar, so will I with the IPad.
At least until Apple inevitably lowers the price in the next six months.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Rodarte and Jean Paul and Zac, oh my!

Here's the heads up on the new collections by Gaultier and Zac Posen for Target.
Jean Paul Gaultier's line arrives in Target March 7. No real quality pictures are available to publish right now, but the reviews so far are definitely mixed. Looks range from feminine and sweet to just plain confusing.
My prediction: Alot of people are going to gobble this up because, what the heck, it's Gaultier at Target.
Zac Posen's line arrives in April. Lots of dresses, swimwear, tees, and skirts.

So on the heels of Rodarte comes Gaultier and Zac Posen.
When was the last time you got excited for the latest clothing collection at Walmart, Penney's, Kmart or any of the other discounters?
"Expect more, Pay less" and Target just keeps exceeding our expectations.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Pride, In the name of love

Happy Birthday Dr. King

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Bulls Eye

Okay, I've been meaning to write about the collaboration between Rodarte and Target for months. I realize I'm late to the game here but I kept putting it off. 
You see this is primarily a blog geared to mommies and unless your name is Bristol or Jamie Lynn then this look might be, well, a little young for your taste.
Howevah, having just left Target this afternoon, and again checking out the line, I realize that separately these pieces might work for even us more experienced moms.

 Wear this sweater and cami combo with a pair of black trousers, t-strap purple pumps, and long double stranded pearls. You'll have a classic yet contemporary look that Ms. Wintour herself would look approvingly on.




Ditch the cute but too short skirt and instead wear this with a metallic silver pencil skirt, opaque tights, and platform maryjanes.

And finally, this baby blue dress is perfect for spring worn with a chocolate brown cardigan and cream ballet flats.

Check out for the entire Rodarte collection.

Kiss me Kate

On the lucky occasions that I would find myself in Manhattan I'd always make it over to Kate's Paperie. Imagine a 4 year old visiting Disney World for the first time and you can pretty much guess my reaction when I first found Kate's. There are several locations but the Midtown store is the one I always went to.
Kate's has the most beautiful paper products and related gifts. Not just invitations, but announcements, address books, wrapping paper, crafts, luggage tags, the list is endless.
And with that most "Hallmark" of holidays coming up, you'll heart the Valentine's Day boutique on the website.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Karma karma karma karma, karma chameleon

Recently one of my closest friends told me how high strung I was.
Now I know a heightened state of anxiousness is my normal state of mind, I just didn't think it was so obvious to everyone else.
I don't just have monkey mind. I have a whole menagerie of apes, gorillas, and a few of those cute little rhesus monkeys stomping around up there.
 Thus I have pledged this year to be more in the present and that means I will be taking up yoga.
 I admit half my desire to take up yoga is because I love yoga clothing. I wear it all the time even though I haven't been in an actual yoga class in 4 years.

With stores all over the US, Canada, and Australia, you probably already know about Lululemon. Great fitting yoga clothes and in store classes are two of the reasons this yoga clothier is doing a booming business.

Check out the fabrics and care page on their website. There you'll find detailed info on the fabrics used to allow you the most comfort while working out. They also offer free ground shipping in case there isn't a store near you.

You may not be quite as conscious of Urban Yogis. Founded by a die-hard yogini based in Manhattan, Urban Yogis is hip stylish clothing designed to be worn both on and off the mat.


With such stylin' clothing options, maybe now I'll go from  yoga poseur to actually doing some yoga poses.

Sunday, January 3, 2010


Back in 2002 my must have boots were a pair of gorgeous Charles David stilettos with a 4 inch heel and pointy toe and a $450 price tag. These boots were especially gorgeous sitting in my closet because on my feet they were pure unadulterated hell.
New Year's Eve 2002 found me hobbling around in my stocking feet outside in Chicago in the snow trying to catch a cab. Because I guarantee you, frostbite and possible amputation were no match for the pain caused by these instruments of Satan.

I learned two important lessons that New Year's Eve,
1) It doesn't matter how hot the boots are, if the only way you can wear them is sitting down, then those boots aren't made for walking.
2) Never pay full price for a pair of boots that you will be wearing in the winter in Chicago.
My must have pair last year was the "Caroline" by Uggs. Now I know most of you hear “Uggs” and think “Ugh!” but just take a look at these sweet Carolines......

Definitely satisfying Rule 1, they are lined with fleece inside and have plenty of wiggle room for my toes.
They were listed at $300 on the Uggs website and so I started searching around to satisfy Rule 2.
After checking out Zappos, Nordstrom's, and a few other places, I found my pair on Ebay for $90.00.

My must have boot this winter is the Born Peri boot.

Super comfy, super cute and a super deal on Regularly priced at $200, I got them on shoeline for $139 with an additional $20 off using their online coupon. Score!