Thursday, September 9, 2010

Dress casually chic for fall? No sweat!

We're going into the second week of September and the high in Chicago today was 70 degrees. Labor Day is in the rearview mirror and Target and Home Goods are already Halloweened out. It's dark by eight and all of the above can only mean one thing, my favorite time of the year has arrived.
How I love autumn in Chicago!
And how I love the sweatshirt dress, the perfect option for this time of year.
It's comfortable for running around during the day and stylish enough for the last waning weeks of cocktails al fresco.

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Friday, September 3, 2010

Project Runway, runway, runway, runway, I will follow

I am an admitted reality TV junkie.
You would think with 3 year old twins running havoc in the house that I would spend the few precious quiet, childfree hours away from them doing something productive, or at the least, watching something intelligent.
But you would be wrong.
Real Housewives (all of them), American Pickers, Pawn Stars, Dancing with the Stars, Amazing Race- they're all on my DVR.
And then there's the one I love and wait for every new season with bated breath, Project Runway.
Heidi, Michael, Nina, designers, egos, bitching, tears, Mood, Fashion Week, bad clothes, beautiful clothes, and of course, Tim Gunn.
Is there another more endearing man on television than Mr Gunn?
I watch every season and almost never fail to get swept up in the drama, disappointments, and triumphs.
When Rami Kashou competed on Season 4, I felt as if I had a personal stake in the outcome. You see, I had ordered his designs in the past for my boutique and felt the rest of the world was going to see the talent I had spotted first.
Of course Christian Siriano won Season 4, and rightly so.
I looked on in amazement at Christian's designs week after week, such visionary masterpieces even Victoria Beckham declared she would wear anything he designed.

And then like last year's Versace, (thank you Dina Manzo) something happened to my show.
Season 5 was such a snooze I actually missed half the episodes.
Season 6 winner: Irina, nuff said. Not only was she not very likeable, on any other season she would have been a runner-up at best.
This was also the first season the show broadcast on Lifetime, and the first time it filmed in LA.
If the producers had any worries about viewers following the show from Bravo to Lifetime, well they did not do themselves any favors by moving the show from NY to LA.
Season 7 brought the producers back to their senses and brought the show back to New York.
Seth Aaron was the winner, who cared?

But now there is Season 8 and 4 million viewers (a ratings record) can't be wrong.
On the heels of the Aug.26th episode, one many are calling the best ever, this season is soaring along with the ratings.
You want a villain, well you got two in Gretchen and Ivy.
How about some eye candy in Christopher, momma hen with Peach, little gizmo-like creature Mondo, hapless Michael C, and Casaaaaaaanooohvaaaaa!
Oh it's gonna be hard to beat the verbal smackdown my beloved Tim Gunn gave to Gretchen in the Aug. 26th show, (who knew he had it in him?) but I can't wait to see what the rest of this season's episodes brings us.
Project Runway Season 8, you've brought the fierce back to fashion.

Have Gunn, will travel.