Wednesday, February 9, 2011

It boggles the mind.

I live in a suburb where the moms dress chic and the toddlers dress chicer.
When a 3 year old showed up to my twins swim class wearing a Burberry bathing suit,  I didn't bat an eye.
The time I saw a mother/daughter combo with matching Tory Burch rain boots, I barely missed a beat.
But last week walking downtown, I saw a pair of munchkins wearing snow boots so showstopping, I not only paused, but ran after the mommy to find out who, what, where?????
Turns out they were Bogs and she got them at G____, the independent and terribly expensive childrens shoe store downtown.
Now I don't know if it was because I was in a rush and had thrown on my husband's ratty turtleneck sweater, but this mommy made a point to tell me that the boots were a little pricey but she was sure I could find them cheaper online.
And thus, my search began.

REI, Zappo's, Amazon- they all had the boots I wanted, for approximately the same price of $55. Maybe not a fortune, but when you are always shopping for two, that adds up quickly. And when one of those two has changed shoe sizes TWICE in one year, well you get the picture.

I finally decided to drop in to the new DSW near my house hoping I could find them there. Unfortunately, this DSW doesn't carry shoes for children.
Totally deflated, I slipped into the Nordstrom Rack next to it just to warm up and strategize my next move, and what happened next is what totally boggled my mind.

A salesperson walked right by me holding the pair of Bogs I had been searching for. They were the exact size I needed. He showed me where the rest were stocked and I found another pair in the right size for the other twin. Then this salesman looked at me and said, “Boy these have been really popular lately. You're lucky we just discounted them today.”

And sure enough, I looked inside the boots and saw the big red discount tag.
And it read $19.90.


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