Saturday, October 16, 2010

There's no sugarcoating this.

I have a guest room in my house with a fairly large closet. This closet is full of my coats. I have fall coats and winter coats, spring coats and “holy shit! it's 15 outside with a windchill of 10 below” coats.
I have an amazing Italian wool coat that I bought for $50 at a boutique's “going out of business” sale. This coat should be a winter coat. However it is a size smaller than I usually wear and thus, I cannot button it, beautiful rhinestone buttons be damned.
But hey, for $50 bucks it makes a gorgeous coat that I can wear walking jauntily down Boul Mich, my coat swinging open on a beautiful fall day.

Yeah I know, I need an intervention.
But until that happens, here are some great casual coats I found for under $350.
Click on prices for more info.









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